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The cuisine of Carloforte

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Piatti tradizionali della cucina tabarkina

Ligurian, Mediterranean and North Africa gastronomic traditions have become intertwined over time and have been preserved by the refugees Tabarkini obviously adapting them to new food resources that they found on the island. The Arab influence is felt in cashcà, couscous variation based on semolina cooked in steam and enriched with vegetables cooked separately. Still they prepared the maccaruin, macaroni that were once served as a first course in bridal parties, the stockfish alla Tabarkina, the cassolla, soup of various types of fish and shellfish in small sauce with olive oil, tomatoes, parsley and garlic. Noteworthy for its simplicity the cappunnadda, poor dish once used by sailors during long voyages, made dry biscuit softened in water and seasoned with oil, vinegar, tomatoes and tunnina (salted tuna). The Ligurian influence is in the farinata, made with chickpea flour, water and oil cooked in the oven. Among the typical desserts are the cakes with figs, giggeri and the caneshtrelli.

A main role belongs to the tuna, which is fished in the local traps and consumed in all possible variants. In Carloforte they does not throw nearly anything of tuna. Bottarga (salted eggs), the musciamme (fillet), the heart and all the entrails are worked by the skilled hands of the fishermen, in a traditional way, according to the most ancient traditions. The skillful island restaurateurs is credited with having been able to respect the tradition and have been inspired by it to enrich it by developing new dishes, especially seafood.

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