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It will take place on 27 and 28 April 2019 in Carloforte the 18th edition of the "Festival of Cus Cus Tabarchino.

Also this year the famous couscous, a...

Girotonno 2019 edition

It will begin at the end of May the most loved event of CarloforteGirotonno...

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Carloforte and the Island of San Pietro

Useful informations, photos of the coast and the inside of one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean.

CalavinagraThe Island of San Pietro is for extension, 51 sq km, the second largest island of the archipelago sulcitano. Its coasts are high and rocky bathed by a clear sea, while the interior is covered by a thick Mediterranean maquis, the Aleppo pine, the rosemary, the palmetto. In its cliffs nest the "gabbiano corso" and the Eleonora's Falcon.
The island is of volcanic origin and is famous from a geological point of view because the rocks known as commenditi named from a particular area of the island where they were studied and classified for the first time. 
Carloforte is the only town on the island. It was founded during the reign of Carlo Emanuele III, by a colony of Ligurian fishermen from Tabarka, an island near the coast of Tunisia. The Ligurian origin of its inhabitants can be seen in dialect, traditions, customs and traditions, in the urbanism of the country, as you can see visiting its historical centre.  
The island of San Pietro can be reached by ferry, about 30-40 minutes, from Calasetta or Portoscuso.

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If you are looking for services as: homely houses, b&B, hotels, restaurants, cars, bikes, scooters, boats rental, etc., please visit the useful numbers page on this website.


La giuria popolare durante il Girotonno
In this section of the site you will find informations on events taking place in Carloforte and on the island of San Pietro. The calendar of events does not...
The Girotonno
Apr 09, 2019   
Fuochi pirotecnici
May 02, 2016   


In this section of the site you will find information about the culture and traditions of Carloforte, gastronomy with typical dishes such as couscous tabarkino...
The water of the beach Il Giunco
Apr 27, 2016   
The mattanza during the tuna fishing
Apr 28, 2016   

The Island

Cala Vinagra is part of the OASI LIPU Carloforte
The Oasis LIPU Carloforte is located in the Island of San Pietro, located about 6 kilometers from the southwest coast of Sardinia.
The island is of volcanic origin and is famous from a geological point of view...
Oct 12, 2016   
Jun 07, 2016   
Apr 27, 2016   

Learn more about the island of San Pietro

Tuna Fishing To explore the beautiful coast of the island of San Pietro you should visit the photo gallery. It's under construction also an entire section on the fishing of tuna.
Nature lovers may be interested in visiting the OASI LIPU Carloforte or the Salt fields where there are many species of birds including a whole colony of flamingos.
In Culture you will find information about the cuisine of Carloforte, the Civic Museum and other aspects that distinguish us. < br />
And 'it presents a timetable with the main events and a part of the site that concerns the Latin sail, currently used for recreational activities and regattas, but in the past was used as a means of propulsion to travel far from the island. p>

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Sea and nautical

boat moored at a marina in Carloforte
Apr 28, 2016
The sea is the real resource of the island, so if you have decided to spend...